Foam Lake Birding No. 185

No. 185
            Here it is, Nov. 4th, and there is no snow on the ground, yet.  It is trying though.  At this time of the year every day without snow is a blessing.  Remembrance Day is early enough for winter to set in. 
            On the birding front things are slow but for one Hairy Woodpecker and one White Breasted Nuthatch in our backyard.  The pair of Eurasian Collared Doves still comes into our yard several times a day.  I would like to have them hang around for the winter but I am not quite sure what to feed them.  I am going to try cracked wheat. 
            On the day before Halloween we had a Robin scratching around on the ground and feeding.  It was nice to see something "summery" at this time of year.  It was alone so it just might be one of those that decides to winter over.  Time will tell.  In the meantime it is back to watching House Sparrows and Chickadees. 
            Driving to and from Foam Lake I have noticed more Rough Legged Hawks than usual.  These Arctic hawks breed on the Tundra but winter over on the Great Plains mainly along the Missouri/Mississippi drainage system.  They are quite common here late in the fall but are usually mistaken for the more common summer hawk, the Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk).  Both are slender gull-like hawks that behave and look much like each other with both species even having the large white rump. 
            My next task is to set out my winter feeders especially the ones with suet since the weather is cold enough to prevent spoilage.  Another feeder that I put out only in the winter is canola seed for the reason that the only birds that seem to like it are the Redpolls.  The Redpolls are not here yet but we will be ready for them if and when they come. 
            This week's pictures are of a Robin feeding in the same area where we saw the one mentioned in this article and a White Breasted Nuthatch at one of our peanut feeders.